Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Magazine Spread

This is a magazine spread I created on Russian nesting dolls.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Floot ad

This is an ad that ran in a magazine in the Hamptons to get people to try a new product called Floot that my last company produced.

Yearbook Icons

I created these icons in Illustrator for a stats yearbook that will be published this month at my current job.

Time out

This is a poster I created for a project in school to redesign time out magazine.

Outlook 2007

This is a logo that was used for a set of outlook stories that was published last year

Time Inc.

These are pages that are part of a media kit done in a class competition for Time Inc.

Monday, March 17, 2008

80 Strong

This is a promotional card that I created for a new whiskey that a company I worked for sold. This was displayed on the shelves that the drink sat on in liquor stores.

School Ad

This was an ad campaign for my school to help get more students to enroll into our college

Health Care chart

This chart was created to go run alongside a story that was published about healthcare


This was a postcard that I created for myself

Wall of Silence

This is a poster that promoted an interactive game I created called the Wall of Silence. It was an educational game that explained what the wall of silence was using true stories and facts about the AIDS epidemic. It had three levels of game play and in between each game there would be an example of how a person contributes to building the wall of silence. One example was a story of a person that knew he had the virus but chose not to tell any of his partners and spread it to over 25 women. After each story the user is rewarded with a game that something to do with what they read.